Le véhicule amphibie

Amphibie vechicle : THe Croco

amphibie véhicule : le croco

The CROCO has been built to provide a transport facility over areas which conventional CROoss - COuntry vehicles fail to reach. It has proved its quality in the cold and snowy Alps, in hot jungle and desert areas and on the water.

No compromise, purpose - related technology, robust construction, simple operation and minimum maintenance requierements place the CROCO at the front of a very special class of vehicles.amphibie véhicule : le croco

The CROCO is not only at home in rough country but also in water. Its amphibious characteristics are best demonstrated in water levels where the wheels are unable to find a grip. Under these circumstances a screw can be mounted faciliting rapid movement through the water.

Constant contact of all four large low-pressure tires in any position of the wheels over rough ground and efficient transmission of drive forces at a ground pressure which remains even, amphibie véhicule : le crocopractically always, is guaranteed by a solution employing a pivot connecting two almost identical halves of the hull and allowing them to rock in relation to each over. It is obvious that this principle of even ground pressure must be ideal for the ups and downs of sands dunes.

The logical arrangement of all components and the easy accessibility without yhe necessity to remove other parts, make the CROCO the easiest all-terrain vehicle to maintain.